EbbnFlow 37c VWAPFix changes include:

  • Changed a set of bools having to do with the new VWAP on-chart plots from public to private which were causing performance issues.

 EbbnFlow 37c changes include:

  • Recreated the bottom left comments which tell you what is happening when using the VWAPInteractionTicks and/or ThreeBarRetraceDisallowAndStop interaction features. 
  • Moved the Diverted Mode status comments to the Center of the chart to make room for the bottom left comments.  
  • Improved some of the on chart comments that print with price-bars.
  • Changed the horizontal lines to be actual plots instead that appear together with the VWAP when using the VWAPInteractionTicks feature.  This makes it much easier to see what interactions happened in previous bars on the chart.
  • Added AfterRetraceAllowIfTicksBeyondVWAP setting which allows you to set a customized setting for the Retrace allow (can now be a different from the VWAPInteractionTicks setting if using both features together).
  • Corrected an issue which under rare configuration could have caused a stop exit immediately after entering a new position when using the StopOnThreeBarTrendChange feature.
  • If you are new to version 37 see also the BETA changes noted below.

 EbbnFlow 37BETA changes include:

  • Added StartInDivertedMode: Use when adding to a live chart and then use either the ForceDivertOff or ResetDivert buttons after enabling.  If stuck in a diverted trade from historical data when you enable, use the ForceDivertedStop button if you want to break that trade rather than letting it play out. This makes startup on a live chart a lot easier and much more comfortable!
  • Added UseMITOrders: Use Market If Touched orders when trading live.  Unchecked will place limit orders which may be better in replay test mode.
  • Added VWAPInteractionTicks: Trading allows when priorbarhigh-or-low is behind (VWAP - # of ticks) and disallows when priorbarhigh-or-low is at or beyond (VWAP + # of ticks). For YM try and test 66 ticks for example.
  • Added ThreeBarRetraceDisallowAndStop: Enter a decimal for the retrace interaction (such as Fibonacci 0.764). Trading disallows (and open trades stop out) when priorbarclose is at or beyond the decimal retrace of the ThreeBarIndicator. Trading resumes when priorbarhigh-or-low is at or beyond the VWAP and the number of ticks entered for AfterRetraceAllowIfTicksBeyondVWAP.
  • When both VWAP and Retrace interactions are used trading only occurs when both allow.  Both will reset to "allow" when the three bar indicator trend changes. These used in combination with a higher three bar bar size has been shown to help with avoiding many whipsaws during periods of great volatility and may have good results in times of lesser volatility.  (For YM try and test 240 for the ThreeBarIndicatorBarSizeMinutes in higher volatility)
  • Added check-able half hours for customized Diverted mode selection including extra 8:25 am Eastern Time options and 3 more equivalent US time zones.  Allows user to preset half hours for live vs diverted mode based on ties where user desires to take trades or based on previously known good and bad half hours.  Users may find the 8:25 useful to be in diverted mode in advance of 8:30 am ET economic reports which can a have large volatility affect for example in currency futures.  If more equivalent time zones are needed, please contact us.

LetsRun16c changes include:

  • Target orders are now Market If Touched orders.

 EbbnFlow changes COMING SOON:

  • Adding a feature which will watch for user-defined size gaps at the intrabar level.  When detected new trades will be frozen until price has subsequently traveled a user-defined distance.  The idea comes from what occurs in a gap situation.  Its usually a gap and go or a gap and fill, however when traders pick what they think will happen and price whipsaws the other way traders can find themselves wrong footed and as they offload can cause a bigger move in price.  Having a freeze event until price has made a travel could improve results.
  • Adding an optional feature which will add Fibonacci retracement lines to the threebartrendrange electable at user's discretion in the settings.
  • Adding features which will optionally and alternatively allow users to determine either entries or exits (or both) based on Fibannacci retracements of the threebartrendrange.  The belief is this will allow users to further experiment with threebar sizes for the instruments and trading styles and have entries, exits or both to be based on those threebars instead of at predefined but constant distances (will be more dynamic). 
  • Upcoming fix: FreezeAdvanceIfXTimes range painted on the chart will be removed from the chart after the freeze has been lifted.  Currently it stays on the chart until the next freeze event which has no effect on trade.  It can have an annoying effect on the chart sizing if price has moved significantly away from the former freeze range.
  • Upcoming Fix: When using the VWAP interactions in combination with some of the ThreeBarTrendRange interaction modifiers, some of the status comments on the lower left don't accurately account for things such as long locks as it may say shorts suspended, etc.  This has no effect on trade but corrections are in the works to clear up the communication.  

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